Maya Butler

How an atheist views Baylor

An atheist student reveals her experience at a Christian institution.
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Spotify’s 9 Best ‘Modern Love’ Podcasts For The Newbie

Because love is more than just romance.
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What Musical Instrument Should My Child Play?

So you’ve decided to nurture the budding musician inside your child, or maybe your kiddo up and chose band as an elective. Now what? The next step—choosing an instrument—might look like a giant question mark right now. With so many choices, how does your child decide what instrument they would be best at or enjoy the most?
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Frisco ISD's New "Brain Breaks" Aren't Recess, So What Are They?

When Frisco mom of four Sarah McMullin and her family moved from Utah to Texas, she discovered that most schools here offered only one recess a day—a far cry from the two to three recesses her daughter Hero was used to at her Montessori program back home. “She would come home and she was just grumpy. She had no energy for after-school activities,” McMullin says.
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